About the TechMountainMan

What’s important to know about the TechMountainMan?

His name is Mike, and he chose that blog name because it descriptively combines his passion for technology – particularly if it involves Linux, OSS, and bringing people together – and a long-term plan to live simply and off-grid in a tiny home on the side of a mountain at least 10 miles from any concentration of more than 1,000 people.

He’s a native of the Rockies (Utah-bred, Montanan-by-choice), has urbane leanings (16-year Seattleite) but can’t tolerate the resource-scarcity, teeming hordes, and noise that fuels metropolis, and is gradually finding the balance between refined and rustic. He’s politically leftist, but sympathetic to any reasoned, compassionate, and pragmatic viewpoint. He lives 75% of the year in a house in Missoula suburbia, and 25% of the year in a 17′ fiberglass travel trailer at various points within a 30-mile radius of Bozeman.

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